hi i am tryin to create an academic schedule were i would enter some data to create it. The algorithm has to have a basic structure were i can put the names of the proffesor, the names of the subjects and some other information. If you can tell me how to start the code it would be greatful.

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Start by describing what entities you need (classes such as Student, Professor, Subject, Schedule, etc) to deal with, and how they interact (methods such as subjectTaughtBy(const Subject*, const Professor*);). An object-oriented approach to C programming can help a great deal, even if you don't have classes per se. It helps you partition the problem into data domains and their interactions.

All that aside, we don't do your homework for you. :-) Make an honest effort and we will help you sort out your errors and pitfalls.

FWIW, structures in C are the analogue of classes in C++ and Java. Unfortunately, you cannot embed methods, constructors, and such in them. They are just plain-old-data (POD), with member variables that are equivalent to C++ class member variables.

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