hello, i have copied parts of it from the book, am not allowed is there anyway someone can chage as much as there can, and try and get rid of ASC, is there another way of doing it, without ASC, OR ASCW, please someone help, please

Public Function Zeichen_OUT(Zeichen As String, wheelNr As Integer) As String
'go left, direction reflector (Umkehrwalze)
Dim Z As Integer
Dim offsetZ As Integer
offsetZ = RotorOffset(wheelNr) - RingOffset(wheelNr)
Z = (Asc(Zeichen) - 64) + offsetZ
If Z < 1 Then Z = Z + 26
If Z > 26 Then Z = Z - 26
Zeichen = Mid(ROTORS(RotorType(wheelNr)), Z, 1)
Z = (Asc(Zeichen) - 64) - offsetZ
If Z < 1 Then Z = Z + 26
If Z > 26 Then Z = Z - 26
Zeichen_OUT = Chr(Z + 64)
End Function

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please help you cheat on your homework?

there is always someone who has done notthing with there lives and wish to damage others, is only a few lines, help those who find it difficult

And then there are those who actually want to do something with their lives.

Find some other forum where this kind of activity might be welcome

As for difficult - that's where you grow... (*hint, hint, hint*)

amen brother

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