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Hello all,

I was curious as to how run many jobs serially on a Cray XE6 machine. You usually qsub things with a ccmrun (for a serial job) or an aprun (instead of mpirun or mpiexec). I first wanted to use the Pool() function, but due to it not being SMP based hardware it would be limited to 32 processors. Even an mpi4py application of something like a pool wouldn't work, because I am not giving the main program all of the processors. I would be running that script 64 times if I were to say aprun -n 64 mpipool.py, whereas it does work if I do something like aprun -n 1 -d 32 pool.py.

I've had a look at the https://wiki.python.org/moin/ParallelProcessing website and was wondering if anyone had any experience running multiple serial jobs on a cluster computing machine with any of them. I did write an mpi4py code that basically had rank 0 doing all of the job selection, and then giving them out to the the other processors. It didn't want to play nice on the machine since I needed to use subprocess to launch the giant amount of C code. So, one last caveat is that it would have to play nice with subprocess.

I would like to have it look at the amount of nodes chosen, and then basically do something along the lines of:

ccmrun jobscheduler.py &
ccmrun jobrunner.py 63 & # given that I started the job with 64 processors. I may have to do a bash loop here, but that's no problem.

Once started I would want them to be able to communicate between one another, but without MPI I'm not sure of an efficient way of doing this. If anyone could get me started on the right path I would greatly appreciate it. Maybe doing pickle dumps and locking them and deleting them when a jobrunner picks it up. There might be a really simple way of doing this, but I'm very new to this.


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