A series of different parts of sentences will be randomly put together to come up with new interesting sentences. using with Random, Integers, Print, Strings, Breaks, Functions, For, Range

Here is an example to get you started:

''' random_sentences101.py

# use this template to add more data


import random

# create lists
adjectives = []
subjects = []
verbs = []
objects = []

# add data to the lists
adjectives.append('A small')
subjects.append(' boy')
verbs.append(' walked')
objects.append(' the fence')

adjectives.append('The big')
subjects.append(' trucker')
verbs.append(' climbed')
objects.append(' a tree')

adjectives.append('A tiny')
subjects.append(' frog')
verbs.append(' jumped over')
objects.append(' a log')

adjectives.append('The tardy')
subjects.append(' teacher')
verbs.append(' fell under')
objects.append(' two tables')

# construct n random sentences
n = 5
for k in range(n):
    sentence = random.choice(adjectives)
    sentence += random.choice(subjects)
    sentence += random.choice(verbs)
    sentence += random.choice(objects)

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