it me again. I am trying to write a java multiplication one players table math game/program and I am stuck on level one. the games has sex levels. level 2 says that for each difficulty level it has to have the specified number of rounds and it should request a max of 12 questions and it must also display the student current question, total score and the number of tries they have remaining my question is

how do I do that and what codes do I have to use

how do i generate different random question for each time the program runs and it must conform to the rules

how do i make sure that the student dont proceed to the another round until the previous questions is answered, what codes do i use to do that.
and this is for all of the levels. \

any advice.

Don't think about code until you have worked out what logic you need. Just get a pen and paper and work through some examples. Keep doing that until you understand how you do it. Test your understanding by explaining it to someone else.
When you have done that then writing the code will be simple, mainly if tests and a couple of loops.