I have commondialog that i can search for .bmp,.jpg files
thats okej, now the problem is.

saving the picture to the rot + filename

next time I start the program I will change
the picture to another file that shall be
saved in rot + filename

the first picture shall be removed or overwriting
with the new one
How shall I do Use Kill and
copy source to destination

Sorry but I am totaly stocked right now

If you know what the filename is for the old file, you can just use a FileSystemObject like so:

Dim fs
set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
'  do whatever you need to here using the FileSystemObject methods
set fs = Nothing

and rename the file, then save the new one with the old name. You can read up on what the FileSystemObject methods are on the Microsoft site, or use a search engine to locate the documentation you like better.

Hope this helps! Happy coding!

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