I have learnt basic android in the last month. I have learnt about fragments, listview, adapters, acitivties, intents, content providers, databases, animations. I want some basic apps' ideas in which I can implement these things and can improve my learning? I am not too good in Java also. I know C/C++ at advanced level. Some good apps example where I can have mixture of many things and app should have some sense, obviously. Thanks in advance.

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Yeah. That is true. But I want some small apps which use all these things and I have told you that I have read about all these things and developed examples based on them. I want to start one app in which I can use all these things and can improve myself. That's my aim.


I had a course on android couple of years ago, the project was to create a hangman. It starts with a nice splash screen few animations, then you are taken to the main menu where you can select Play, Settings, Help etc, if you click Play, well you play the game. I think if you go for this one, you will learn quite a bit of how to use the things you've read about. If you are interested I guess I could get into more detail of how it was implemented(from what I remember)

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