I am facing an issue and am hoping there is an easy way to do this. Is there any possible way to invoke a method from another project without a reference to it? I am unable to reference the project due to circular referencing.

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Hmm, my initial reaction is to suggest fixing the circular reference. You could try using reflection to invoke methods in a compiled assembly from the other project, but that strikes me as more of a Band-Aid than a solution.


@ddanbe - I'm not trying to put in circular referencing. VS2013 won't allow it. But there is a method in another project that I need to call, but I have no way to reference the dll because of circular referencing. So I'm looking for a way to call this method.

@deceptikon - I'll try that and let you know. Like you said, it could just be a band-aid solution at the moment, but I'll look into a better solution if this works later.


I would suggest moving the required method to a third dll if possible and referencing that dll from both of your existing projects.

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You did it I guess.

It looks like we had a built in function for this. It so happens does reference a third dll. I appreciate all the input.

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