Hello everyone,i have two questions regarding vbnet and binding navigators.As you can see in the pic i have attached ,if we create a database in microsoft access,by going on the database tab and dragging the table in the form,automaically the binding navigator is placed on the top and we just have to add a datagrid to display the content.
Is it possible to do the same BUT WITH MYSWL AND NOT ACCESS?i have thought and came up with solution,by implemeting the navigator bar programmatically,but apart from that i would like to know if there is any other way more quick and easy.

My second question is whether we should choose mysql or access,what are the cons and pros of each one,regarding also and the implementation of the binding navigator but also in general, having in mind also the online connection to database.
Thank you in advance!

Obviously, you can attach a Navigator bar for a MySql Database as you already created a bar for an Access database. Process is same. Only you mast load a MySql Connector for vb to access mysql database from vb.

The type of database system is your choice.
Do not understand

the cons and pros of each one

please explain it.

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