i have a question , my institution uses pascal and cobol programming language for their system but i think its too old and need something new, so they start using vb.net to make a paper form that get information from the data base of the system and put its fields

so my question , can they make intranet online pages with a graphical user interface that can register inputed information in it to the current system of pascal and cobol without using the Black screen ?

and thank you :)

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please i ned an answer , im not a professional programmer ...

Well ultimately it must be possible, but you need more information before you can see how difficult it might be and what might be involved.
The most important consideration is what type of database is in use. Legacy systems such as this may use a proprietary/in-house design, or an outdated technology, which requires more work to access.

The other question is why choose vb.net? Since you have existing Pascal code a more logical choice might be Delphi or a current Pascal compiler such as Free Pascal. This might cut down the work needed.

commented: thnx for the reply i really appreciate it , they use mostly COBOL and the database is DB2 , so is it possible to make a GUI for it? +0
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