Hi there,
I learn C++ on internet because my gymnasium wont do it now so by searching on google i saw some topics similar with this but they weren't what I was looking for.
Can i make a square on C++ using no stars or loops or anything similar?
I mean making a window to popup drawing a square with pixels?

Long story short, you ask your operating system to do it for you.

You can ask directly by learning your operating system's API. You can ask indirectly by getting a widget toolkit; you ask the toolkit, and the toolkit asks the operating system for you.

As a very strong general rule of thumb, any time you ask the question "Can I do this in C++?" the answer is yes. It will sometimes require more work on your part than doing the same thing with a different programming language. The reasons for this are many and varied, and the lesson to learn is to pick the right tools for the job (not that some language is "better").

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