Good day!

I have a listview loaded in a form in a lvwIcon view with checkboxes enabled.. I have checked some items from it, let say 5 items. Now when I switch the view to lvwReport, the checked items are gone. How to make it selected again?

Thank you for helping!

Store the checked items in an array. After changing the viewtype varify and check them programmatically.
The codes should be like

Dim x as Integer = 0
For litm As ListViewItem in ListView1.Items
    For i As Integer = x to UBound(LitmArray)
        If litm.Text = LitmArray(i) Then
            litm.Checked = True
            x += 1
        End If

    If x>= UBound(LitmArray) Then
        Exit For
    End If

thanks Shark 1 for the idea..array works!

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