I have to write program in c linux for operating systems class - communicator using fifo which has to work like that:
./Speak create name (to create user)
./Speak send from to (to send msg from user to user)
./Speak history name (to read all msgs sent to user
Every msg is only sent when other person can read it and after reading it msg is deleted(because its fifo based).
My question is how can i achive that, do I have to run 2 instances of program in 2 different terminals? For example in first one I write ./Speak send from to(process waits till I open other process for reading) and in second one i type ./Speak history name(to open pipe for reading and then earlier msg gets sent and readen there). Would appreciate any advice.

int main()
<cout"yared  website developer">endl;
 <cout"yared network developer">endl;
return 0
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