Hey everyone: i have a project to do in assembly(8086) and i want to do a simple anti-virus.
The idea is that you will write the path (url) to a document that you want to scan. The program will scan it and will compare it to a known viruses.
can you tell me how complicated it should be? Because i dont want to do a very complicated project.
Can you also give me a list of known viruses? If you have any additional information to give i will be happy to hear it! Thank you very muc

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How will what you are doing compare (or be distinct from) existing anti-virus software packages? There is an entire industry built around this - presumably using more user friendly tools/languages than direct assembly. Why not start there and see what you can leverage?

Because i need to build a project in assembly, any project that will be big enough and complicated enough.the project size should be about 1000-2000 lines of code, but he can be little smaller or bigger. Some of our class are building a game, i chose the antivirus subject because i am really attract to that subject. Thank you for helping!

And about the compare method: i thought to put the package of the viruses in a string arry and put the file we want to scan in another one. And to do a loop to check if there are similar strings and how much. If there are more than certain number of similar words the program will report on him as a virus.
I dont mean that the program should really be complicated as an anti-virus (with hundreds and thousands of viruses packages, it's enough for me that it will have only one or few single virusepackages.

Instead of looking for real examples of malicious code, why not just create a simple mock of what you intend to show? For example, if what you really want to show is that you can compare one file to another - chunk by chunk - and report the similarities you can use simple text files. Or generate your own binary (compile a Hello World sample).

That gets the point across for the implementation and you can talk to how that would be useful in a larger context - such as anti-virus.

Because the project should be pretty big (about 2000 lines of code), and project like that wouldn't take more the few hundreds lines of code.

But what you're saying is a good idea. I guess i will start with comparing simple text, and when the "emulator" project will be ready i will test it on real malicious code. thank you for helping!

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