I am working on networking project.
I have made client server program through socket program.

Now, i don't know which library is used to detect hardware i.e. attached on machine.

mean how can i detect keyboard is attached to my pc or not?
mean how can i detect mouse is attached to my pc or not?
mean how can i detect LCD/Display is attached to my pc or not?

which class/library is used for detecting hardware attached on PC?


for tasks like this, Java is not the right language. you should use one who has more "connection" with the os and such.

What do you need to know about - all the hardware, or just the presence of a standard input device (keyboard) and/or a screen?

hello james,

i want to know all the hardware devices attached to particular PC.
Because i want to transfer that information to network administrator.


I think you best option is to use ProcessBuilder to run an external command or app that writes all that info to a file or output stream, from where you can capture and forward it. The command or app will depend on what version of what operating system you are running.
I don't know of any standard Java API that will give you the information directly.