Hi, I am writing an application in vc++ 2008, where I am required to send the video data (320x240x3) information through the VGA port of my laptop. Is there any functions or class that can help me to accomplish the same ?


Class/homework? Sorry. That is why you are in school, to learn how to do this stuff. If you are clueless and have no documentation how to do this, go see your professor.

FWIW, the 320x240 is standard vga dimensions and the x3 is the pixel depth. IE 320x240 is the x/y size, and 3 is the number of bits at each location in that array. In any case, 320x240 is pretty miminal these days. My displays are 1920x1200x24 or 1920x1200 pixels, with 24 bits (3 bytes) per pixel - a LOT more data to deal with! It allows mostly true color at full display, but each display takes up over 6MB of memory! Fortunately, my nVidia video card has about 1GB of RAM! Your VGA display would requires 446400 bits to display all that data, which is under 56KB. Not all that much in today's terms.

I have dual displays and can run a full-motion full-screen video on each without problem. Back in the 1980's I was lucky to run some simple video on a vga screen, even using low-level C programming to push the bits. In any case, this is a good exercise for you.