Hi all just signed up to the forum

basically for the past coupple of month's i have been working on an ActiveX chatroom Controll for use with IE browsers and the Mozilla / Netscape browsers, this once compleeted will be opencource for others to use

at the moment its being coded for the following type of chat server's

1. IRC Chat Service
2. IRCD Chat Service
3. IRCX Chat Service
4. IRCXPro Chat Service
5. IRC5-8 Chat Service (Like Msn chat)

basically for the moment im having two verry major problems

1. Finding a replacment for the Ms richtext controll that will allow the embedding of pictures and also that will support raw unicode data and UTF-8 data
2. Finding a replacment for the listview that will support (the usual listview finctions) as well as support raw unicode data and UTF-8 data

now iv alredy been able to find the coding so i am able to convert support raw unicode data and UTF-8 data

that wasthe easy part lol , the dificultie im facign is finding a replcment controll that will fully support the unicode and utf8 data as well as the default functions for both the richtextbox controll and the listview.

secondly, im having problems with the current ritchtext box controll im using (ms richtext controll 6.0) the problem is when i embedd an image e.g a bmp, by default the image can be resized im looking for away to disable this totally , so that once the image is embedid in to the richtextbox the user can do nothing with it apart form look at it basically lol

any help with either of thease problem will be gr8tly appreciated




I made an IRC client in VB over six years ago. Ive looked, but can't find my old project. Anyway, I ran into the same problem. I solved the problem by making my own text control just for IRC. It was hard to do at first, but was fun doing. And, the best part, you can do anything you want! :)

That is the route I would go if I were you.

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