Hey all.

I'm facing a bit of a challenge and and having a hard time trying to figgure out how do do this. Basically I have two computers (Raspbery Pi's) that I'm using. One (Pi A) is acting as a remote and sends a request to the receiver (Pi B). Based on what that signal is, it will tell Pi B to play a certain MP3 file. The two are communicationg through a WiFi Access Point, and SSH is out of the question.

I currently have them communicating with eachother and am able to send a string from Pi A to Pi B which then displays it in the Python Command Line tool.

What I'm looking for is someone to point me in the right direction, to change the data being sent from a string, to data saying "Play File x", or "Play file Y".

To give you an idea of what I'm trying to accomplish, I'm trying to build an electronic game caller, which will play sounds of certain animals to attract them to Pi B which plays the noise, and when they appear my camera and I work our magic. Pi A sends the signal to Pi B which is sitting 150 meters or so away, telling it what mp3 file is to be used. This is why I'm using an access point and not ssh. No keyboard will be available. I have a remote that will tie into Pi A which is used to determin which signal to sent to Pi B.

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