Hi, this is my first post here. The fact is i'm not a programmer and i need help. I have a software that i need to solve a vehicle routing problem for my thesis. But i dont have anything on hand . Can u share me some source code or website to solving VRP su
If any of you guys are willing to help, i would be gladly apreciated (should be no problem for a programmer).


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Here is a good wiki that should start you on your path. This is a NP complete level problem which is going to require a lot of work.


I study business administration but my professor want i do something new. I already had idea for for this but I dont know where i started. I need some code source about this problem. plz help me plz


The link that NathanOliver provided has other links to open source code that deals with this. The VRP is a version of the travelling salesman problem. There are no "perfect" solutions, only bad, good, and better ones. Time for you to start studying, seriously. If you have no programming experience, then you are in for a seriously hard time.

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