Hi everyone,

I haven't touch in vb6 in 12 years so im very rusty... :s

But now i need a little exe that allow to open and view office and pdf files, i dont need it to save or allow changes.

Since its going to work with a batch file it doesnt even need a file explorer, just the window with the ability to drag file to window and it opens the file.

Can anyone give me some help?


Try libreOffice. Reads, writes pdf.

but i need a files viewer without save or print that is portable and allow me to call it with a batch file

There are so many! My smartphone and tablet seem to do pdf in every app. My LINUX Software Center has many. Try tucows or just Google.

A free (and relatively lightweight) PDF reader is available from Foxit

My two cents is to skip VB6 and get the latest version of vb.net that is compatible with your system.