How to copy Table1 data from client to server database in LAN connection?

Help please.. :(!


Is the client database and server database using the same database technology> For example, are they both SQL Server? Does the client have access to the server database?

Does the copy need to be done via code or can it be done via some for of Data Transformation Service that is outside of your program?

I think you need to provide more information in order for help to be given.

I'm using MS Access database and i dint know how to copy data from client to server.. via code!


Do you have access to the database on the LAN from your program? If so, you could add your client table as a linked table into the server database and then do a simple INSERT INTO FROM (SELECT ....) statement that will copy the necessary tables from the linked table (the client) to the destination table (the server).

If this is not feasible, please provide more information on the setup.


From the information you have supplied, I cannot tell for sure what you are trying to do. Where is the Access database located, on your local machine or on the server?

If you are trying to insert data into a local Access database, you can do this directly in Access on your local machine.

If you are trying to insert data into an Access database on a server, then you should be doing this from an application which has secure access to the database on the server. Although this is possible by using linked tables from a local Access database to an Access database located on a server, it is not a good idea because of security issues.

A better alternative is to connect to the server based database using a local application with a connection string that has access to the database on the server.

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