My problem Im almost certian is a permissions issue but im still very new to this so bare with me. I have a server running the latest mysql with mysql workbench installed and im tryign to modify the users and privilieges for either my one table or all my tables, im not sure what i need to do to get this thing working the way i want.
I have the ability to read from the database and update it thats working fine also i am about to create tables too thats something i tested out but what i cannot do is insert, which is a huge problem for me. My server is set up on IIS and i am using PHP with phpmyadmin to manage the database locally this is mainly for just quick glances to see if my submitting forms has done anything.

I dont know what i really need to do in the situation, im sure there is a permission that i have not configured correctly somehwere stopping me from inserting data into the database at least remotely over the internet.

If i did not give enough information i apologize because im literally learning this system as i go. Any help would be vastly appreciated, thank you for your time.

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Out of the box, the default user should be username='root' and password=''. This user should have ALL permissions. That user can GRANT or REVOKE permissions for other users.

here are all the users i have currently set up
(!) <anonymous %
me %
root localhost
root ::1

all of these users have all global priviliges except anonymous but theres no way to change anonymous (the server made that one)
my problem might have something to do with anonymous but i am honestly not sure at this point.

i am currently using MySQL workbench 6.3 with mySQL server version 5.6 with a minimal changes made

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