I was just poking around the C# forum, (and some others) and I noticed that there's a lot of people that are reading and writing data from text files in C#. When in python you could do in ten lines when in C# it takes fifty. HECK PERL IS BETTER FOR TEXT EDITING. Why don't you script and automate in a language that is perfect for just that?

Right tool for the job. I can bash a nail in using a wrench, but if the job calls for a hammer I should probably use a hammer.

Granted, most languages will allow for cli commands, but what if you're writing in C# for distribution to windows users and you don't want to force them to also install python?

As learning exercises, learning to read/write to a file or pointer is also very necessary for real life work.

What works for you doesn't always work for others, and other people may have a long way to go to have the same experiences you did.

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