hi , I am trying to write " hi " in persian using unicodes like this :
print('\uFEB3\uFEFC\uFEE1') but it prints from the left side and in reverse order like " ih "
( in persian or farsi language we write from right to left ) how can I fix this ?

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There might be a Persian version of Python.

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There might be a Persian version of Python.

Can you explaine a little more clear?! My language is Persian, what do you want to do? I did'nt understand your meaning.

hi niloofar24 , if you run my code in the terminal you will see whats going on but here is a more detailed explanation: suppose I want to print (salam ) which means " hello " in english , it should be printed like this : salam

but it gets printed like this instead (from the left side and mirror image of the word ):

sneekula might be right , I just have to google for persian version to see what comes up .

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