here is my code:

     For i = 0 To MENUORDER.lvorder.Items.Count - 1
       .LstOrder.Items.Add(MENUORDER.lvorder.Items(i)) 'dont know what to do next

     Next i
        .ReceiptNo.Text = Me.lblos.Text
        .lblTotal.Text = Me.lbltotal.Text
        .lblCash.Text = Me.TextBox1.Text
        .lblChange.Text = Me.lblchange.Text
  End With


i dont know how to display listview subitems in the lisbox
i want to make a receipt thats why i want to transfer them..

ListBox is not the appropriate for this purpose.
Anyone of Listview or DataGridView is best to show the receipt items.

@Shark_1, ahh, thank you, ill try to use DataGridView instead of listbox :)