• Hi there.
  • I'm learning Distributed System and having an assignment of building a simple Game server using RESTful webservise. I'll use Java to build this server. And i need some help.
  • The game server provides the following services:
  • Register an account using for all game provided by server.
  • Update leaderbroads of each game.
  • Create a room for a game.
  • Listing all rooms of a game.
  • Allows user join a room and jump out.
  • Use MySQL to manage user, rooms, and all game.
  • And my question is how to build this server. I'm getting confused of how a server could using two protocol (HTML and TCP/IP), one to manage user account, rooms, update ranking list..., one to provides the mitiplayer comunication.
  • Any help will be appreciated! Thanks a lot and sorry for my bad English -_-.
Re: Building a Game server using RESTful web services. 80 80

any help with what ? the assignment seems pretty clear. what is it you don't understand ? if you mean help as in "please gimme code", we don't do that.
community rules require you to show some effort done by you.

start programming. if you get stuck: tell us where, show us the error message and show us the relevant code. it might also help if you tell us what you think the code should be doing and what it is (not) doing, but we are not 'coderz-4-hire'

Re: Building a Game server using RESTful web services. 80 80

HTML is not a protocol.

Follow a tutorial on REST. Learn how web pages can interact with a REST API and start simple.

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