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i am using eclipse to write code that allows me to take a text file containing data (in my case it looks something like this :20 30 40 50 etc).i want to write the code in java and i am using eclipse as my IDE.i need the database to be ms access.i have googled a lot but found a good code here in daniweb but its too long and lengthy for a beginner to understand.So to sum it up "i need to be able to put the data in a text file in to MS-Access database using java".

Any code you find here is probably as simple as it can be to do the job. It may not be easy, but real programming is never easy.
Just make a start and try to code it yourself. You won't learn much by just copy/pasting someone else's code anyway. When you get stuck, come back here for help.

And don't forget the DaniWeb rules:
"Do provide evidence of having done some work yourself if posting questions from school or work assignments"

but its too long and lengthy for a beginner to understand

a good thing you are not a beginner, then. if you are a beginner, remove eclipse and learn to program without an IDE first, instead of learning to just use an ide. also: stop working on I/O material and databases, start at the beginning.