anybody can help me how i can run a java database program code in eclips software i have tried many times but give no result when run this please help me

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Many many people run Java Database code in Eclipse, and it works very well. There are many tutorials on the web.
If you would like help here you must explain exactly what you tried and what problems you had.


What exactly is it you are looking for?
How to connect to any database through Java? How to use a database written in Java? How to create a database in Java? ...


use javadb , it is already within the java sdk so there is no need for you to utilize a separate database.

use preparedstatements

i personally love to use netbeans.i used eclipse for many years before but there is one java project that i made where eclipse was not able to handle, it crashed many times and it is so slow.with netbeans, it is just nothing.it works perfectly, but it is just a preference, so there's a bias

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