can someone show me how to do this please? I am new to programming languge?

here is the requirement? Thanks.

Create a database table with 10 records with the following fields: Lastname, FirstName, Phone Number, Street Address, City, State, Zipcode. The table name is: “User Info”. Please create the table using SQL.

2) Write a program in VB script for the user to input a lastname and firstname in a form and display user information in a display. Also, indicate if record not found.

3) Write a program in VB script for the user to add an record to the User Info table. Display the table after the record was added to the table.

4) Write a program in VB script to delete an record specified by the user inputting into a form and display the User Info table content after the user record was deleted.

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Your post's title says "in Java", but the requirement is "in VB script".
Either way, when you have worked out what language you are using, you will find many comprehensive tutorials on the web. There's no need for anyone here you write a new tutorial just for you.

Also: start with the sql part. Without it, your VB scripts won't be able to fetch or store the information anywhere.

First of all have you tried to write any coding for this project? And have you installed the SQL Server to your system?Creating a table in the SQl Server is very similar that of you create a table in MS Access DB.

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