I have used ScrolledText in my code, the scroll bar that appears is attached to the frame and although it scrolls the text box contents, I want that it was attached to the text widget itself.
What can i do?

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Since I am not much of a mindreader, what does your code look like at this time?

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I wanted to start new discussion for this question but i will ask here.

How can i set the size of the ScrollText widget?
I have an entry box and some buttons on my Tkinter window and i want the ScrolledText widget to be placed don the right side of the main window; how can i set a border fot that widget?
Well i don't know if my question was clear or not so let me give you a link:

On that page you can see an image of a little window taht has a ScrolledText widget on it with borders. You can see green borders. I want something like that. AS you see, that ScrolledText widget has not fixed whole the window, it lets us to see tha main window color wich is green.

Hope you understand what i mean.
I tried to use the code which was on that page but it didn't wok for me and left some errors.

And How can i refresh an ScrollText widget?

I have a Tkinter window with an entry box and add button and refresh button and scrolltext widget.
The first time i run the program, the text appears on the scrolltext widget but when i add a word, and push the refresh button, it wont refresh the scrolltext widget with new word. why?

Since I am not much of a mindreader, what does your code look like at this time?

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