Ok. So.

I'm trying to develop an application to capture the input buffer to identify a device's input commands to build a user control that uses this commands for further use.

I'm actually developing a project that simulates Guitar Hero, and I want it to recognise the Guitar Hero Controller's input.

I know there are already several controls that work with the guitar hero controller. The thing is i MUST develop this control myself.

What i've done so far only recognises input from the keyboard using Console.OpenStandardInput() . The thing is, as the class name says, it reads input from the Console... not from all sources possible, such as mouse, and other peripherals (joystick, and as i need it, Guitar Hero Controller)

Here's my code:

Sub Main()
        Dim Data As System.IO.Stream
        Dim buff(32) As Byte
        Dim buffOut() As Byte
        Data = Console.OpenStandardInput()

        'Dim DataBuff As System.IO.BufferedStream
        'DataBuff = System.IO.BufferedStream.Synchronized(Data)
        Using memoryStream As New System.IO.MemoryStream
            Dim count As Integer
                count = Data.Read(buff, 0, buff.Length)
                memoryStream.Write(buff, 0, count)
            Loop While count <> 0
            buffOut = memoryStream.ToArray()
        End Using
    End Sub

I guess (since i don't really know) all i need is guidance towards the right input buffer to use for this purpose, since the Console Input Buffer is not working for me.

Thanks in advance!!

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The first post gets the point of reading input... from the mouse. I might implement it somewhere else, so thanks anyway. The second post is a little bit more close to what i need... definitely will take a look. I'll post results when i try it


Also, a quick Google search of "vb.net read input from game controller" turns up quite a few entries including this by Microsoft (its in C# but might give you some ideas on where to start looking):


This link is exactly what I was looking for. unfortunately it doesn't seem to be .net 4.0 compatible. So far further google searches have been unsuccessful.

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