hi everyone,

im new to java.
and i was assigned to do a project that integrates java and .net(c#).

here's the scenario:
1. the .net system will create a text file (.txt) based on some conditions --> i already did this part.
2. the txt file will then be pass to a java program which read the file per line -- i need help with this.
this will then search records in the database based on the values on the .txt file (;-delimited).
3. the java program will then writes into a text file again(same format as the incoming text file from .net) based on the seach result.
4. this output file will then be read by the .net program and display result on the screen.

im using c# .net is VS 2010 for .net application and eclipse for java application.

hope somebody can help me at least with the logic and sample codes.

thank you in advance..

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  1. use a new Process to run the java jar bundle in C# and pass the text file path as a parameter. In java program, get the text file path from arguments passed to main

Reading and writing a file with Java is quite similar to C#. But why do you want to pass your data via file? You may use a Java application server which provides a small service (WS* service or REST). Then your net app might send data directly to this service without using the file system. Or is there a special reason to use text files?

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