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basically i m creating vb.net window application which can show the result in rdlc report...

at the back end it is SQL server 2008.

Is there any easy way to fill RDLC tablix based on row and column grouping.

The situation is as follows.

I have a table in SQL server like this

**Course       Adcat      sub1          sub2          sub3         sub4        sub5**

Ba1           Reg        HL           Hlit          His          PS          Env

Ba1           Reg        EL           Hlit          HS          Socio        Env

Ba1           Pri        HL           His           Hlit         HS          Env

Ba1           Reg        SL           Socio         Slit         PS          Env

This is just like a different course student registered in different categories and opted different subjects and it is stored in five columns as shown above.

I just want to see the report in RDLC like this

**Course        subject        Reg                            Pri**        

  BA1            HL           1                              1

                 EL           1                              0

                 SL           1                              0

                 Hlit         2                              1

                 His          1                              2

                 PS           1                              1

                 HS           1                              0

                 Socio        2                              0


I just want to count the number of subjects from above mention five columns.

Please help me for this

i am using VB.NET window application and Sql server 2008. Thanx in advance.

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