HI pals !:lol:
i really need some projects and their details on java!
i think that u people will help me out!
so,waiting for your response!:rolleyes:

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I don't have a clue what you just said.

you looking for topic on your final year project or want to get place in some project development?

Hi Pals!
Thanks for showing interest in me!
Actually i am an engineering student and i need a java project for my curriculum purpose!
So i just keep my fingers crossed that u people will send me some interesting topics in java on which i can make a project!
On the same time i need the program and coding!
Please help me out!
I need ur suport immediately!

So, you want us to not only give you an idea for a project, and then do it for you, too? Well, why didn't you say so? Can I get you your shoes and coat, too? I mean, that is the sort of thing a personal servant does, isn't it?

Well, I will be so kind as to give you an idea: do a chat server, just like just about every other student out there. That aught to give you few originality points.

Better yet, be honest and do nothing. Call it the art of silence or something.

No dear!
I think that u hav mistaken me!
I never meant that,i just need an idea for a java project!
thats all!
rest i will do as per my best of ability!
Hope u will understand me!


No I think you're mistaken, no one is gonna give you an idea, you have to come up with one on your own.

On the same time i need the program and coding!

So what was the meaning of this line?

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