Hello the best crew,
First i wish all of you happy new year and all the best wishes.
Second if i have a two forms , with two datagridviews.
first one is products , second one is orderline.
i need to set a button on the first cell in the orderline datagridview , then when i click , it will navigate to the second form to select from the products datagridview one row , then this row will show in the datagridview of the orderline.
Please help , i will be very greatfull to you.



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You can do it.
How far have you gone? Please, post your codes.

Collect the RowIndex from orderline form DataGridView and nevigate to the Second Form Product DataGridView to pick the values from appropriate row matched by the eariler RowIndex.

I thin binding both tables with dataset will do the needful.

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