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well its not a homework question...it was in a paper,,but i want expert opinion on it...


well its not a homework question...it was in a paper

I'm curious what you mean by that, what kind of paper? A research paper.... lol... that's an amusing thought, that a research paper would contain a basic computer science 101 question.

but i want expert opinion on it...

No, you don't. When you want an opinion, you ask questions like "what are the trade-offs of ..." or "what's better, this or that?", i.e., you ask open-ended questions that demand an opinion. And when you want an expert to weigh in, you ask a question fit for an expert. What you asked was a novice-level question that was structured to trigger "item" responses, and those two things are very strong indications of being a homework / exam / whatever question.

You can't fool us, we've seen it all.


If it were me I would have posed this question as.

I bet none of you gurus can answer this complicated question?

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