A programmer has no control over data submitted as input to his/her program but does have control
over the format of output display.
Explain, with brief coding examples, how the precise positioning of data output is possible on the
screen for different types of data. State the language and version you are using.
i need lil help that what he want?????? i mean what i need to write i need just lil bit of help frends

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  1. You have to process the incoming data, such as verifying that it is legal for your program's needs/design.
  2. You are responsible to format the data so that it can be reasonably displayed on the terminal.
  3. This assumes a cursor-addressed terminal/display. You can use curses/ncurses libraries, or similar for MS-DOS/Windows.

It sounds like he wants to know what programming language and version you are using, such as GCC 4.4, etc.

Finally, we don't do your homework for you. This is the best I can provide you under the circumstances.

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