I want to learn java as young but i use Arch linux since i was kid so how can i get the emulator or what required softwares.I have java 7 installed.

Reply as soon as possible to noob guy.

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Learning Java on Arch Linux is no different than learning Java on any other system. You don't need an emulator - both the Oralce JDK and OpenJDK are available for Linux natively, as are all commonly used Java IDEs (eclipse, netbeans, IntelliJ).

So your steps for learning Java would be: pick the Java learning resource of your choice (be it a book, website, online course, personal tutor, whatever - this is not affected by your using Linux), install the JDK (pacman -S jdk8-openjdk - you might also want to install openjdk8-doc to view the Java docs offline and/or from within your IDE and openjdk8-src if you want to look into the sources for deeper understanding), install the IDE or editor of your choice, start programming.

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