Okay guys, I have been working on this project for about 2days now and it appears i can't do it as i keep getting errors when i try tp compile the program. Please can anyone help?

Sunshine.com is an online children clothing store exclusively for baby and toddler. The
store carry a wide selection of beautiful, unique and adorable baby hat, rompers, bloomers,
tutu series, korean children clothes and much more for the precious little one. As the
manager for the Sunshine.com, you decided to keep track the customer information and to
identify any entitled discounts for any loyal customers. Therefore, two main objectives are
a) To store the customers details ( store details of customer in files)
• Customer details: first name, last name, contact number, address, email.
• Email privacy: Not every customer willing to be emailed. The system
should be able to identify if the customer wishes to be on a mailing list or
• Details of customer able to be loaded and viewed.
b) Customer and discounts entitlement
• The system must able to identify the amount spends by the customer in order
to earn discounts on their purchase. The amount of a customer’s discount is
determined by the amount of the customers’s cumulative purchases in the
store. You must plan and provided a list of cumulative purchases and the
discount earned. But, the discounts are only entitle for the members of store.
Write a program that describes two objectives of the Sunshine.com system. Your program
also must able to be developed with the following (but not limited to):
1. At least 3 classes are created.
2. Using the concept of Inheritance and Files
3. To apply the abstract classes or polymorphism or both of them
4. Input validation: Do not accept any negative values.

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Read The Rules.

To make a long story short, we don't do your homework for you! Make an honest effort, show us your code, show use where you are getting errors or unexpected results, and then we may decide to help you.

I can't see your code from here, and neither can I see the compile errors you're getting. Maybe you should tell us the compile errors and show the code.

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