I have ubuntu installed on my pc with openjdk 8 but as i want to lern java ho can i create programs by openjdk or which is the place to write the coding.
Plz suggest me with easy words


I'm neither a Java expert or a Linux expert but I also run Ubuntu and recently installed NetBeans which is a Java IDE. There are alternatives such as Eclipse but personally, I find NetBeans to be an easier IDE to use as it concentrates on Java development (with a few other bits) where as Eclipse is a more general purpose IDE that supports many different languages via plugins.


You can use an IDE as #djjeavons mentioned or a text editor(sublime is my favorite). If you do use IDE (such as eclipse) you can compile the code and run it from within there, while with a text editor you can compile the code from the terminal using 'javac filename.java' and run it using 'java filename' - note no extension at the 'java' command

Thanks for the info...!

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