Hello guys,
i never worked before with java and it was told to me to make a solution of cloud computing private for my university and i don't know how or even which How choose the layer to develop.
Can you just help me please.

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What exactly is 'private cloud computing?'

My guess would be he means Client/Server applications, having a vps to place the server on and developing some kind of a TCP client connecting to it. Perhaps you should provide more information on what exactly are you trying to achieve

Simplistic explanation would be that the public cloud is where servers at a data center (or centers) are converted to multiple virtual server instances which can be operated, via a third party provider, by different enterprises. A private cloud consists of servers managed only for a single enterprise, within the on-premise boundary or at a third party data center location. The hybrid cloud is, well, a combination of the two with the precise nature of the servers being used dependant upon workload/data sensitivity etc.

if you never worked with Java before, you'll first need to learn Java. so, inform your university that if they want code YOU actually wrote (and didn't copy paste), it might take a while.

Good afternoon friends;
    Firstly thanks a lot that you took the time to answer me.
For the one who wanted to know the definition of a solution of a cloud computing private Mr have allready answer it that but i will try again:

    The infrastructure of a private cloud is only used by a single customer . It can be managed by the customer or a service provider, and can be located on the premises of the client company with the claimant or , where applicable . Using a Private Cloud ensures , for example, the allocated hardware resources will never be shared by two different clients.

The cloud computing contain 3 platforms:
1) IaaS:  Infrastructure as a Service 
    Only the server is dematerialized. A service provider offers the rental of components IT as storage space, bandwidth , and CPUs operating systems . Users of IaaS can therefore be used on demand virtual servers in Datacenter without having to manage physical machines (management costs, equipment replacement, air conditioning , electricity ... .)
    IaaS offers great flexibility with remote administration and allows to install any kind of software . However, this solution requires the presence of a system administrator within the company, as with conventional server solutions.
    Among the providers of IaaS include : Amazon EC2 or with Orange Business Services with Flexible Computing.

2) PaaS:  Platform as a Service
    The hardware (servers) , hosting and application Framework (Component Kit Structural software) are dematerialized . The user rents a platform on which to develop, test and run applications. The deployment of PaaS solutions is automated and saves the user from having to buy software or having to perform Additional facilities but only suitable for Web applications.
    The main providers of PaaS are : AZURE with Microsoft , Google with
Google App Engine and Orange Business Services.

3) SaaS: Software as a Service
    Hardware, hosting, application and software are framework dematerialized and hosted in a data center provider . users consume demand software without buying , with billing to the actual use . he is no longer necessary for the user to perform installations, updates or data migration.
    SaaS solutions are the most common form of cloud computing. the best-known SaaS providers are Microsoft - provides Office365 (tools
Collaborative ) Google - Google Apps offers ( mail and office ) .

Our job is to build a private cloud solution for our university by deploying the opensource solutions and framer us propose using OpenStack unless the problem: it only works with python its advantage is that it is 100 % free we were never work with either java or with python .
When I was told, he answered me to go learn java and python malheuresment was not enough time 3 months.
And he has not told us about which layer (PaaS or IaaS) work .
Knowing that my specialty is far from the network, but rather information system .

In this request , I ask not to give me a source code or do the work for me , I just requires direct me in the right way because there all mixes.

                                                    Thanks a lot

                                                                Have a nice day
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