Dear fellow programmers,

I am trying to build a form that has two datetimepickers (for date range) and one button. When a user clicks the button the datagridview will show results according on the date range (by the two datetimepickers).

This is my code so far:

Dim dbconnection As New OleDbConnection(Get_Constring) 'database path from a module
        Dim connectionstring As String = "SELECT * From EncodingComplete where (DATEVALUE(Date_Bill) >= DATEVALUE('" & DateTimePicker1.Text & "') and DATEVALUE(Date_Bill) <= DATEVALUE('" & DateTimePicker2.Text & "')) order by Date_Bill asc "
        Dim dbadapter As New OleDbDataAdapter(connectionstring, dbconnection)
        Dim clientdataset As New DataSet()
        dbadapter.Fill(clientdataset, "date1")
        Dim clientview As New DataView(clientdataset.Tables("date1"))
        DataGridView1.DataSource = clientview
        DataGridView1.DataBind() 'this is where the error is.. its purpose is to bind results to the datagridview

The error is on DataGridView1.DataBind(). Can somebody help me??

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You got to have a DataSource and a BindingSource. See this article.

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You got to have a DataSource and a BindingSource. See this article.

@CodingSource: DataBindings is a Readonly property of DataGridView object, used to get the databindings of the object. So, remove the line 8.
And also there is a need to modify your SQl Statement. It should be

"SELECT * From EncodingComplete where Date_Bill Between " & DateTimePicker1.Value & " And " & DateTimePicker2.Value & " Order by Date_Bill"
'By default order by cause always producess result in ascending order.
' use of 'asc' is your choice.

Get_Constring should be the connection string variable.
You say that your error arised on the line 8, but you do not post the exception what it showed.
I am surprised, How can your codes run the lines 3 to 7 with a entirely closed connection. I am sure you got the error for the line 3

Dim dbadapter As New OleDbDataAdapter(connectionstring, dbconnection)

because dbconnection was still a closed connection. You didn't try to open it. Open it before the line no 3.

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