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Hi, I'm trying to compare two CSV files (and many more like these below). I tried many ways, using lists, dictreader and more but nothing gave me the output I require. I want to compare all those rows that have same !Sample_title and !Sample_geo_accession values (whose positions vary). I've been struggling with this for three days now and couldn't come to a solution. I highly appreciate any help.


body,GSM501443,Public on july 22 2010,ribonucleic acid,FB_50_12wk
foreign,GSM501445,Public on july 22 2010,ribonucleic acid,FB_0_12wk
HJCENV,GSM501446,Public on july 22 2010,ribonucleic acid,FB_50_12wk
AsDW,GSM501444,Public on july 22 2010,ribonucleic acid,FB_0_12wk


AsDW,ribonucleic acid,FB_0,GSM501444
foreign,ribonucleic acid,FB,GSM501449

Desired output (with respect to CSV2):


{!Sample_status:{HJCENV:Public on july 22 2010,AsDW:Public on july 22 2010}} #Added columns, not rows.


{} #Since nothing's deleted with respect to CSV2


!Sample_title:HJCENV,!Sample_type:(ribonucleic acid,RNA),!Sample_source_name_ch1:(FB_50_12wk,12wk),!Sample_geo_accession:GSM501446}
#foreign,ribonucleic acid,FB,GSM501449 doesn't come here since the !Sample_geo_accession column value didn't match. 
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