Dear all

is thr any code or any way to connect my vb.net project's textbox with my website textbox. something like

if me.textbox1.text=www.mywebsite.com.textbox1.text then

bla bla bla

end if

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Its a little more advanced than your example but you could screen scrape your website page and get the value of the textbox that way and then check it against your project textbox.
But you won't find anything as simple as
if me.textbox1.text=www.mywebsite.com.textbox1.text then

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nice but need more details please

yeah i know this is not easy i tried alot but fail. can u tell me how i can do it or can u suggest me any website or any open source please

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Is the value entered into the box on the website something that the user does or will it be available when the web page loads? The reason I ask is you could consider making a http request for the page and if the value is there on page load then you should get it back as part of the request. You will then need to go through the data returned to your program in order to find the value and then compare to your application.

For example:

    Dim htmlSource As String = New System.Net.WebClient().DownloadString(New Uri("http://www.google.co.uk"))

will download the page source for Google. Now you can work with htmlSource to find the value you need assuming it is there in the first place.


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