How do i write a program that computes the sum of all even numbers in a range forexample between 1 and 100

1) Open program to write code
2) Write code
3) Compile code
4) If you have errors fix them and go to step 3 else continue
5) Run code and make sure you get what you want else go to step 2

You count from 1 to a hundred, and if the number is even you add it to your total.

You "could" use std::accumulate (if permitted by your homework assignment) with 1 to 100 and pass it a function tell if it's even or not.

For determining which numbers in the range are even, a modulus would work. As for std::accumulate,Most C++ courses now are using namespace std; I believe.
What is your code so far? if you don't post what you've tried, people tend to think you want them to do your homework for you.

Thank u all DaniWeb Community for the help...

I'll give you some hints as to how I would write this:
in main, declare an int sum variable initalized to 0, an int number variable initialized to 1, and an int limit variable initialized to 100.
use a while loop to continually iterate to limit, with a modulus operator inside to check if number is even.


then use a cout to print the sum.
I'm fairly new to C++ and I'm sure there are easier ways to do this, but I am guessing this is either at my level or earlier.

Hope I helped without giving too much away.

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