Hi need help urgently,

can anyone check my code and find what is wrong in there.
i have add referance the web services and this web services has server authentication that i need to pass when i send the data (request header value with request message).
even i have add the credential code, i dont see the code is working.
i have been configuring this to get the response code from server for pass 2 weeks.
hope someone can help me to identify my problem.
thank you.

Public Function SendDataToServer(ByVal resp1 As String, ByVal resp2 As String, ByVal resp3 As String, ByVal resp4 As String)

            Dim WSreqHeader As New wsAlertSvc.reqHeader
            Dim WSrespHeader As New wsAlertSvc.respHeader
            Dim WSrequesAlertReqType  As New wsAlertSvc.requestAlertReqType
            'Dim WsAlertSvc As New wsAlertSvc.wsAlertSvc
            Dim WSrequestAlertRespType As New wsAlertSvc.requestAlertRespType
            Dim WSrespInfo As New wsAlertSvc.respInfo
            'Dim WS As New wsAlertSvc.wsAlertSvc

            'Dim URL As String = "http://ambg2k207dev.ambg.com.my:3333/"
            Dim URL As String = "http://developementServer.wer.com:1234/ws/CHANNEL.WEAlert.webservices.provider:wsAlertSvc?wsdl"
            Dim WsAlertSvc As New wsAlertSvc.wsAlertSvc
            WsAlertSvc.Url = URL
            Dim Cred As New System.Net.NetworkCredential("sgsdg", "efo123")
            Dim CredCache As New System.Net.CredentialCache
            CredCache.Add(New Uri(WsAlertSvc.Url), "Basic", Cred)
            'WsAlertSvc.Credentials = CredCache
            WsAlertSvc.Credentials = New System.Net.NetworkCredential("sgsdg", "efo123")
            'Dim response = WsAlertSvc.UseDefaultCredentials
            Dim response1 = WsAlertSvc.PreAuthenticate
            'WsAlertSvc.Credentials = New NetworkCredential(CredCache)
            Dim a As String = response1
            MsgBox("response > " & a)
            ''request Header
            With WSreqHeader
                .srcRefNo = "eesd08012015000001"
                .srcId = " eesd"
                .entity = "001"
                .reqDateTime = "09012015020502"
            End With

            ' ''//--------------------------------------------------------------
            ''request msg
            With WSrequesAlertReqType 
                .ctt = "003"
                .dept = "Investment"
                .product = "TR"
                .ref = "dassd"
                .rsv = ""
                .sevc = "CADESP"
                .msg = "testing"
                .to = "60173073720"
                .type = "5"
            End With
             SendDataToServer = WsAlertSvc.respHeaderValue
            Return SendDataToServer

        Catch ex As Exception
            clsLog.sWriteErrorLog("SendDataToServer | " & ex.Message)
        End Try

        'Return SendDataToServer
    End Function

hi daniweb admin,
is there anyone who can help me to solve this?
urgently need guidance!

pls help me!

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