Hello Fello Programmers out there;
I have been trying to build ajava app from net bean 8.0 and Jdk 1.8,
An app that has a data base connection so that data can be worked with,
it also has images.
The problem is that i can get a jar that is executable however the application works well in net beans

Ok Briefly my aim is to make a an executable stand alone jar file that runs an imaged app with a database connection.

So what is it about making your jar that you need help with...

How to make a jar in NetBeans?
How to embed images in a jar?
How to embed a database in a jar?
Sonething else?

Hi James
the thing is that i want to make all three.such that the app can run without net beans IDE.
Can the jar file have an embedded database allowing it to run independently of Netbeans IDE.

You don't need NetBeans to run a Java program, but you will need a standard Java JRE on each user machine.
To make a jar just follow the instructions you will find on the web. Similarly embedding the images in the jar.
Because the jar is effectively read-only, you can't put a database inside the jar - it will need to go in the user's documents directory or some other standard place. (That's just the actual data. All the code and classes for the databse will be in the jar.)

Thanks James,
But the truth is i have tried and failed but.May be to start again?

Ihave tried building a jar that runs but ihave to manually start the the database in Net beans

What does it require to build astand alone Java application that allows users to add,edit,and Delete details

OR to build astand alone java application that has a database.

Thanks Again let me trying learning from this site.
I will let you know as soon as i encounter problems.