Plz can anyone help me with a program below:

Need to check how much money the company is paying to 'smart employee' department wise.

Smart means : attendence should be good and rating should be avergae and good

compute salary such that salary is increasd bonus wise for each employee.

2000 + 20% of 2000 = 2400.

There are two files:

1) Names_revenue.txt

Name, department, attendence, rating, salary
A, HR, bad, bad, 1000
B, Sales, good, good, 3000
C, Admin,bad, average, 1500
D,Admin, bad,average, 2000
E,Contract temp, good, average, 2000
F, production, good, bad, 1500

2) details_tab.txt
Dep num, dept name, hike, num of employees


Plz can anyone help me with a program below

That is not a problem at all but you will have to show us what you have been able to do on your own.
Then show the error you are getting and what output you will like to have.

Let's make this a learning process and experience.

Looking forward to your reply.