How about doing some effort instead of immediately voicing your desperation to Daniweb for 1001st tictactoe problem?

Here is some ideas for those young spirits (I did not say newbies ;) )

  1. What is this search box here over in right hand corner?
  2. What a heck is this 'code snippet' tab here?
  3. Google is big supporter of Python. Maybe I could support them by googling some solutions?

Then you can reasonable expect to find some post in DaniWeb helpful directly or by the way of analogous solution to problem to do more than half of your job (without suspicious helpers finding same 'my code' in some other postings around).

If I am really in need of help of some last hurdles I am likely to get very helpful answers from regulars and even they can throw in few useful optimizations for my code which I post by pushing first the code-tag button so that my Python code is friendly and colorful to read for the knights of Python riding for my support ;)

Hope this is helpful for the future Python wizards of DaniWeb!

My motto:

If I do not know, that I do not know, I will not learn.
If I do not know, but know that, I can find the answer. Then even I can teach the others and spread the knowledge around. Knowledge does not become thinner, but only multiplies.

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what a nice piece of article tony. you got talent my friend :) .

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What is python for?

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Corollary to the motto:
If I know all, I am in danger of embaracement and others come to think me as a fool.

what a nice piece of article tony. you got talent my friend :) .

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What is python for?

Have you heard about YouTube or Google. Or Ubuntu Linux or GIMP?

What is python for?

Python was developed to make programming your computer easier and quicker.

Yes I have, pyTony -_-

Thankyou, vegaseat, for your kindness. I heard that python isn't as powerful as its other high-level languages counterparts; as in you don't really have total access to the systems core ... not all the parts are at your disposal?

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