what is correct solution in Inheritance ????
I am new to genetics in Java and I want to resolve this question
I look at the question existing attachments please and what is the correct dissolved and thank you very much

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I really don't understand what you are asking? Are you asking for help in doing that assignment? Or are you wondering how each classes are linked together?

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see my answer please ok
or wrong
in attachments

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You should be using some sort of IDE to help you with this. I see your code, but I still do not understand what you are looking for. Are you getting an error when attempting to run your code? Or are you looking for clarification of something?


I need clarification
When my answer is ok or i had mistake
And when i had mistake
Where is and how i sloved please


I would recommend getting an Application called Eclipse. It is a Java IDE for developers and really helps with fixing code errors, it also points out errors before you even run the program.


teacher :
I have Eclipse but
I am in this is my first program
I want to know
My code is Represent the question or not ????


Yes, that code looks like a good answer to the question. (Except: Spelling mistake on line 1, and I have not tested it on a computer).

ps: Most people here advise that you do NOT use Eclipse if you are a complete beginner. Its a very complicated tool for experts, and will not help you when you are trying the learn the fundamentals of Java

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